Šatorsko jezero - 421951.jpg
Šatorsko Lake and Babina Greda, one of the main peaks of Šator mountain

Šator is mountain in western regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The highest peak Veliki Šator is 1872 meters a.s.l. It is part of long Dinaric Alps chain.

Šator mountain is tamed, in a sense, and therefore more suitable for family trip instead for serious mountaineering, thanks to mountain road that reaches Šatorsko Lake at 1488 meters a.s.l. and tame nature of the mountain in general. Grassy slopes, carpets of flowers and dense forests make this mountain attractive for visitors. Including a lake, rich flora and fauna, numerous geomorphological and hydrological phenomena, as well as the aesthetic appearance in general, makes the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to protect Šator at the level of National Park and thus recognized the abundant generosity of nature to this mountain.

Satorsko j. pogled s Grede prevoja izmedju 2 vrha Satora.jpg
Šatorsko Lake from Greda peak
Bulino vrelo ispod vrhova Šatora - 23264332.jpg
Bulino Vrelo, huge wellspring beneath the Šator peaks

Below the northern cliffs and scree slopes, at the edge of grassy plateau, stands Šatorsko Lake 1488 meters a.s.l. It has glacial origin and is 250 meters long and 120 meters wide. Deepest point is 6 meters. Summer temperature is 17°C while the source on the shore, which feeds it, has 6°C. Few hundred meters to the north is Bulino Vrelo spring, which is believed by the local population, to have healing power.

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