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Mt. Kamešnica as seen from the center of Old Town - Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kamešnica is a mountain in the Dinaric Alps (Dinarides) at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Canton 10). It is an extension of the Dinara that stretches from the northwest white road pass Vaganj (1173 m) to Buško Blato artificial lake. Two tallest peaks named Konj (Horse) (1852 m) and Kurljaj (1809 m) belong to Bosnia and Herzegovina, yet have magnificent views to both sides of the border. During clear weather, climbers can see the most remote areas of the Adriatic Sea with all the islands.

Thanks to its geographical position, Kamešnica is a favorable habitat for plant and animal species. It has many hiking paths and deep caves. The ecosystem of the northern parts of the mountain has been completely preserved due to its inaccessible and isolated position, and to the thick forest that surrounds it.


Most of Kamešnica has a climate characterised by its position in two main climate regions: continental (northern side which is surrounded by Livanjsko Polje, 700 m above sea-level with mean annual temperature of 9°C) and submediterranean (southern side which is surrounded by Sinjsko Polje, 300 m above sea-level where mean annual temperature is 12.5°C ). Only the highest parts of Kamešnica (above 1300 m) have a snowy-forested climate where the weather condition and mean annual air temperature can be comparised by the data of Zavizan meteo station (1594 m). Lowest temperature on Kamešnica during the winter is around -20°C. Mean annual quantity of precipitation on Kamešnica ranges from 1200 mm to 2500 mm (maximum quantity on the peaks Konj, Kurljaj, Burnjaca and Gareta). In general, climate of Kamešnica is very similar to climate of Velebit. Also, we have to mention "Bura" - dry and cold wind which blows from north-east direction (from continent towards sea). While bura is blowing the peaks of Kamešnica are in the cloud called "Cap". Six or seven months per a year most of Kamešnica peaks are covered by snow.

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