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The Neretva river got its name from Celts, they called the river "Nera Etwa" which means the "Flowing Divinity", "Divine River", and no doubt this truly is the Nile of Bosnia and Herzegovina and, indeed, all of South-East Europe - that's my river !

Today, foolish and corrupted Bosnian leaders and politicians of all colors and political affiliations are not satisfied with usage of the Neretva waters with 2/3 of the Neretva under an absolutely excessive utilization, so they call for more "sustainable" requisition of the Neretva head waters, the last untouched and unspoiled stretch of this unique river. They brazenly call it "national interest" while the nation echoing with public outcries for the preservation and statutory protection of the Neretva, its tributaries and surroundings.

Educating & informing

Devoted to disclosure, reporting and passing informations on ecological dangers, lobbies pressure on one side and efforts to save and protect the Neretva and its surroundings on other.

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