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Popovo Polje (Priest's Field) is a karstic field / polje in Donja Herzegovina, far south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, famous for its karst landscape. The Trebišnjica River flows through the polje. To the South-West of the valley is Vjetrenica Cave, large subterranean system of richest underground fauna in the world.

Popovo Polje (meaning priest's field) is polje (karstic plain) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in a southernmost regions of the country, near the Adriatic coast.

Popovo Polje is one of the largest polje (karstic plain) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, famous for its karstic phenomenons and features, and particularly for its the Trebišnjica River, which flows through the polje as largest sinking river (also losing stream, or influent stream) the world, as well as the Vjetrenica Cave system, located to the west/south-western parts of the valley.

Located in Popovo Polje in Ravno municipality, village Zavala with its old architecture and stone masonry, together with Vjetrenica cave, constitute the natural and architectural ensemble which is in the process of being protected as National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is already placed on UNESCO Tentative List[1][2] .

Vjetrenica cave is considered to have richest cave fauna, with highest rate of endemism.[3] 
Vjetrenica cave also acquired fame throughout the world geological and biological scientific communities, as well as environmental communities around the country and the world for its imperiled and uncertain future, caused by unprofessional management lacking any expertise, and uncertain status at state and especially local level.
Despite all setbacks government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, although creepingly slowly, nominated Vjeternica (with village Zavala) to UNESCO Tentative List clearly expressing intention to protect the cave and its biodiversity and eventually inscribe it with UNESCO.[4] [5]

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