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National Park Una - incredible the Unac River in its wild, rugged and hardly accessible canyon.

Unac River is a river of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It rises beneath Šator mountain, flows through the municipality of Drvar and finally meets the Una River in Martin Brod. Also runs through two deep and rugged krastic canyons and it's dammed to form small Prekajsko Lake and larger Župica Lake, before it reach town of Drvar, in the municipality of Drvar.[1]


Prekajsko Lake is a small artificial lake on the Unac River just beneath Šator mountain, in Drvar municipality, and first of two small artificial lakes on the river.

Second, Župica Lake, is located a few kilometers downstream and it is a bit larger, and closer to the town of Drvar.

However, Prekajsko Lake collects waters of numerous small streams of the slopes of Šator mountain, hence, could be considered to represent the Unac headwaters.

Una National Park[]

Lower course of the Unac River and its canyon is included into the Una National Park.


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